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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dragon Wings?

Now Ive heard the stories of dragon wings in poptropica and unicorn horns and bee wings and the cat? Now ive seen the cat stuff its common but i didnt beleieve the other stuff til just now when I saw this. If you see anyone with other rare or impossible to get clothes take a screenie and sent it to me please. If you know how to get these or the cat or oothers contact me please.


Yurio427 said...

Hi its poptropica55 and i haven't seen the dragon wings but i have seen a person with instead of hair a brain in a glass container. My theory is that some creators come to poptropica with that clothing and others copy it with the customizer.

Anonymous said...

here is a list of things i have...
-unicorn horn
-scrawny wings
-face polka dots
-dragon spikes and tail
-dragon wings
-bubble brain
-dragon wings (for head)
-goat horns

things i don't have but know exist
-dragonfly wings
-body stripes
-body polka dots
-devil horns

Blu The Mummy said...

hi im Tough Claw i have a Cat Face.... here .. go to this web

Anonymous said...

i have cat whiskers and ears, too. the body stripes and body polka dots have been deleted by the poptropica staff because they caused the wearer, girl or boy, to take their shirt off.

poptropica said...

Awesome website! Im Nice Bubbles and my friend has seen the unicorn horn too!

Toxic Sausage said...

Im FunnyCatfish I made a blog and was wondering how to do all the effects and cool stuff like the id. It only got Big nate walkthrough and quiz

Toxic Sausage said...

I have Dragon Ball Z hair but my computer wont let me upload the photo of my poptropica guy how do you do that

Toxic Sausage said...

I forgot i also have cave man shorts

dani said...

1!!! am the person Yurio427 saw I!!! am the one with the brain hat hears my username:dani1682 and password:anadc67@
I hope this helped with the search and i know how to get them get the nabooti phone and type in 411 press the green button and you have the brain hat thingy.
well there you go that's all I know. seya!!!!!

Irfan said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Even though this is in 2012, there are some leaks that I still have! To see me, go in the avatar studio and type in Liamie321. This is the list of what I have:
-Brain Hat
-Bee Wings
Also notice that I have a blue paint brush that I customized from Leonardo Da Vinci