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Friday, August 15, 2008

New Treasure Hunt--Silly Glasses

Well we have a new treasure hunt.Before the how to get it I wanna highlight Dr.Hare said that they were from another character in the Spy Island. Well what the bonus is are the famous Silly Glasses. Well here's how get them.

1.Fly to Superpower Island if not already there.

2.Go to the the park(where you fought Sir Rebral) and enter the restroom according to your gender on the far right.

3.Go down the manhole.

4.Go left until you see the water valve(red wheel) and click it. This should bring the water to it's lowest level.

5.After the water is all the way down go to the far left corner to retrieve your bonus item.

Again the image is owned by Poptropica and I just edited it.

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